Kerry Daynes Biography: Forensic Psychologist

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If you’re fascinated by forensic or criminal psychology, you definitely would have heard of Kerry Daynes.

Daynes wrote some of the most popular books on forensic and criminal psychology available on the market. Using her decades of experience working in the field, she’s provided her personal insights on popular topics in forensic psychology like deviant behavior and motivations behind crime. Having worked on the frontlines, lending her expertise in prisons and hospitals, Kerry Daynes has an expert’s grasp not only of criminal psychology but also of victims of crime.

Who is Kerry Daynes? And how did she become a foremost expert on forensic and criminal psychology? If you want to learn more about the popular forensic psychologist, her educational and professional background, her publications, and more, read ahead.

Here is Best Psych Books profile of renowned forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes.

Educational Background and Professional Life

Kerry Daynes studied at the University of Sheffield and the University of Leicester. She spent the early years of her career working in forensic mental health, working for the NHS and Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Daynes started her private practice in 2003, employing therapists and providing counseling, expert witness services, and police training.

Daynes has worked closely with police investigations, where she has been noted for her “no psychobabble” approach to her forensic psychology work, and is often consulted on matters of safe management of high-risk individuals. Previously, Daynes lectured at Manchester University, teaching Applied Psychology to post-graduate students.

Professional Associations

Daynes is a registered consultant forensic psychologist. She is a Consultant Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is a full member of the Division of Forensic Psychology and member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology.

She has worked closely with organizations such as the National Centre for Domestic Violence and Talking2Minds. Daynes has also served as a spokeswoman for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, promoting its anti-stalking campaigns. She herself had experienced stalking.


Kerry Daynes has written four books, all of which are available on Amazon. Two of her books are written with journalists Jessica Fellowes.

The Dark Side of the Mind

Blurb: Welcome to the life of a forensic psychologist. No two days are the same. The people you work with are wildly unpredictable, sometimes frightening and often deeply frustrating. Drawing on her case files from the frontline, The Dark Side of the Mind offers readers an unforgettable insight into the psychological causes of some of the most extreme forms of human behaviour, and what the treatment and incarceration of those who transgress says about society.

Where to get it: You can buy The Dark Side of the Mind in different formats on Amazon.

What Lies Buried

The Blurb: Whether she is dealing with a young murderer who says he has heard voices telling him to kill, a teacher who daubs children in red paint and threatens to abduct them, or an aspiring serial killer who faints at the sight of blood, Kerry’s quest is to delve beyond the classic question asked of her profession: ‘Are they mad or are they bad?’

In her new book, Kerry provides an unflinching, enlightening and provocative insight into the minds of her clients, shedding light on the root causes of their behaviour and challenging our notions about who, and what, is dangerous.

What Lies Buried is featured in another Best Psych Books article, Forensic And Criminal Psychology Books To Read In 2022

Where to get it: You can buy What Lies Buried in different formats on Amazon.

The Devil You Know

The Blurb: In The Devil You Know, forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes explains the psyche of a psychopath, she reveals the behavioural traits they share in common and she gives advice on how to handle them – or better still, how to avoid them at all costs. Using research and high profile case studies, The Devil You Know will help you spot the psycho in your life. The only question is: can you afford not to read this book?

Where to get it: You can buy The Devil You Know on Amazon.

Is There A Psycho In Your Life?

The Blurb: In The Psychopath in Your Life, forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes explains the psyche of a psychopath, she reveals the behavioural traits they share in common and she gives advice on how to handle them – or better still, how to avoid them at all costs.

Where to get it: You can buy Is There A Psycho In Your Life? on Amazon.

Personal Life

Daynes is a dog owner, according to Female First. Her dogs’ names are Fozzchops and Humphrey. She is a native of Stockport in the U.K. An interesting fact about Daynes is that she can eat and breathe fire: “I learnt how to spit an eight-foot burst of flame because it felt like an interesting workshop to take one Saturday, and as an exercise in conquering my anxieties. Once I had arrived, it occurred to me that fear of fire is entirely rational, useful and probably best not conquered, but by then it was too late to back out. Fire-breathing gives me a strange chemical headache and paraffin chronically repeats on me. But on the upside, it makes me the ideal summer barbecue guest.”

Social Media

Kerry Daynes has active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Her Facebook account has around 4,600 likes as of writing, while her Twitter account has 11,000 followers.

Media Work and Appearances

Kerry Daynes frequently speaks with journalists on topics about forensic psychology. Her most recent interviews include:

I – where she talked about R. Kelly.

The Guardian – where she talked about empathy. “As a forensic psychologist, often working on cases involving horrendous acts, I often find myself flooded with empathy. If I allowed it to, it would lead at best to some bad practice and decisions on my part, and at worst complete incapacitation.”

Here are a few of Daynes’ podcast and interview guestings: