Four Ways To Do The Stroop Test Online For Free

Image via Xiaozhu89/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

The Stroop Color and Word Test, commonly referred to as the Stroop Test, is a neuropsychological test used to measure the Stroop effect, or the delay of reaction time between nonconflicting and conflicting stimuli. The phenomenon was named after psychologist John Ridley Stroop, who published a paper on it in 1935. It is a common misconception that Stroop discovered the Stroop effect, as previous papers written in German have been discovered describing the Stroop effect as early as 1929. Dr. Stroop’s thesis is titled “Studies of interference in serial verbal reactions.”

The instructions for Stroop Test are simple: you are asked to name the font color of a color word presented to you. At first, the font color and the color word are congruent, making it fairly easy. The word “red” will be printed in a red font color. It becomes more difficult when the color words presented to you are printed out in a different font color. The word “blue” might be printed in a yellow font, making it harder to name the font color.

The Stroop Test is commonly used to measure reaction time, selective attention, processing speed, and evaluation of executive functions. In undergraduate programs, the Stroop Test is often used to introduce students to experimental psychology. It doesn’t require a lot of materials to create a physical Stroop test; a few printed words pasted on a cardboard and a reliable stopwatch should do the trick. However, doing the Stroop test online can be a bit trickier, since replicating it online requires programming know-how.

Thankfully, there are already existing tools that can help you take the Stroop test online. Here are some of them.

Free Stroop Test: University of Washington

University of Washington developed their own online Stroop Test. The design is a bit old-school, but if you can ignore the ’90s-HTML look, UW’s Stroop Test is actually a fairly easy tool that anyone who wants to take the Stroop test online can use. It doesn’t allow input, however, so it’s up to you to manually monitor your responses. If you want to print out your own Stroop Test instead, UW’s website also provides easy-to-print PDF templates so you can create your very own Stroop Test. Check out their online Stroop Test here, or print out their Stroop Test templates here.

Free Stroop Test: University of North Texas

University of North Texas also has their own interactive Stroop Test you can do online. Similarly designed as the one developed by University of Washington, this one from University of Texas contains the entire tool in one page, making it unnecessary to click to go to another page. You can see UNT’s Stroop Test here.

Free Stroop Test: PsyToolKit

PsyToolKit’s Stroop Test has a slightly more sophisticated design than University of Washington’s, but the concept is the same. It’s easy enough to use and has more detailed instructions. Unlike the previous options, PsyToolKit’s Stroop Test allows input. However, the manner in which you are supposed to respond (which is by typing certain keys to give a response) can feel unnatural and may have an effect on your final results. Nevertheless, it’s a quick solution to finding a Stroop Test you can do online. Check it out at the PsyToolKit website.

Free Stroop Test: Hanover College

Perhaps the most sophisticated online Stroop Test is the one from Hanover College. Not only does it provide you with the actual stimuli, but it also allows you to customize the tool depending on your needs. You can change the font size, the background, the number of color words that will be presented, the number of trials, and many more. It can even generate random participant codes. Check out Hanover College‘s online Stroop Test at their website.


There are plenty of available Stroop Tests online, but the best way to administer this tool is still with physical materials.